Grow your Ada with us.


We have an obsession for high availability and redundancy. Our systems are proactively monitored by experts. We are committed to 0.0% pool margin fees for the foreseeable future. You are not 'locked' to us and can re-delegate anytime.

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We have a resilient infrastructure. Nodes and a number of services are primarily hosted on AWS. Services are also hosted by other providers for resiliency. We constantly monitor for security threats and make changes as systems evolve.

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Getting Started

Ticker :                      SURGE
Pool margin :             0.0%
Wallet :                      Yoroi
Exchange :                Coinbase
Rewards timeframe : 16 - 20 days on any pool

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    24/7 Monitoring
    0.0% Pool margin
     High Availability
    Status check every few seconds
    Experienced IT admins
    Security and threat monitoring
    Transparent communication


    Amazon Web Services EC2
triangle with all three sides equal     Amazon Web Services ECS
    Amazon Web Services Lambda
    Amazon Web Services Security (VPC, IAM ...)
    Amazon Web Services S3
    Redundant Nodes
    Long term commitment


What is Ada?
Cardano is a blockchain platform and Ada is the native token of Cardano.

How to earn rewards? What is staking and delegation?
Every Ada holder also holds a stake in the Cardano network. It can be delegated to a stake pool to earn rewards. AdaSurge is one such stake pool.

How much Ada is required to participate in delegation?
All stake pools require atleast 10 Ada to participate and an additional 2 Ada as deposit (The deposit is returned when you re-delegate or de-register). You will incur some transaction fees when you transfer between exchanges and wallets which is common to any cryptocurrency. However, the fees are much lower in Cardano compared to Dogecoin and others.

How much Ada should I purchase?
The bare minimum is 14 Ada to participate in delegation and earn rewards. However, the rewards for the bare minimum will be negligible. We recommend 200 to 500 Ada to get started. The more Ada you delegate, the better the rewards.

Where do I purchase Ada?
You can purchase Ada through any of the cryptocurrency exchanges. We recommend you get started with Coinbase. A good alternative is Kraken.

What is a wallet?
Ada tokens must be stored in a wallet. Once you purchase Ada tokens from an exchange, you must transfer it to your own wallet even though some exchanges provide a wallet of their own.

Which wallet should I choose?
Delegation is supported by Yoroi or Daedalus. Yoroi is a browser based wallet (light-weight and easy setup) and Daedalus is a full node wallet (takes time for setup). We recommend Yoroi to begin with. Download chrome extension and follow the steps on Yoroi.

What is a stake pool?
Once you have acquired Ada tokens, you can earn rewards by delegating your tokens to a stake pool. Search for our stake pool ticker SURGE on Yoroi or Daedalus and you will be able to delegate your tokens.

Am I locked to a stake pool?
No, you can always move to a different stake pool and re-delegate at anytime. Your Ada tokens never leave your wallet.

Is it safe to delegate to a public stake pool such as this one?
Yes, your Ada tokens are yours even after you delegate them and it never leaves your wallet. Stake pools cannot transfer Ada from your wallet to themselves or anyone else. No one can access your wallet.

How much are the fees?
You don't pay anything out of your wallet. The minimum staking fee across the Cardano network is 340 Ada. Some pool operators may increase this number but AdaSurge has not modified the minimum fee. Once a block is minted by a stake pool, rewards are sent to it. For e.g. let's say this pool receives 1000 Ada in rewards. Rewards distributed = Rewards received(1000) - staking fee(340) - pool margin. 1000 - 340 = 660. Pool margin = 0.0% of 660 = 0. Rewards distributed = 660 - 0 = 660 Ada.

Why is your pool margin 0.0%?
We believe in Cardano and wanted to be a part of the decentralization effort. As an introductory offer, we are starting out at 0.0%. If maintenance costs increase in future, our pool margin might change but will always be capped at 1.0%. Our goal is to self sustain through rewards over time and we will strive to keep it as low as possible.

How will I know if there is a change to pool margin?
We will announce via this website and through our social media platforms atleast 3 months prior to a change. Our commitment is that the pool margin cost will never exceed 1.0% at anytime.

When will I get my rewards?
It takes anywhere between 16 - 20 days on any stake pool. Your rewards are sent to the wallet used to delegate the Ada tokens.

Can you guarantee 100% uptime?
No provider can gurantee 100% uptime in totality. However, a reliable stake pool operator should keep the uptime close to 100%. AdaSurge infrastructure is robust and has redundancies in place for high availability and negligible disruption in service.

Is it possible to contact the stake pool operator?
Yes, you can contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.